Will Bruno Fernandes Boost Manchester United Performance for the Rest of the Season?

Following the mega transfer of Bruno Fernandes a question arises that is of course in accordance with the GBP 68million price tag of Bruno Fernandes signing. Will he be able to really deliver a performance as a player given a value that high? Will he be able to help boosting the overall performance of Manchester United for the rest of this season? The transfer itself took a bit of time to complete following the improved offer from Manchester United. Taking a look at the somewhat terrible performance of Manchester United so far despite its place within the top half of the standing, Fernandes crucially need to boost the team to perform better massively.

The final price of Fernandes is not just being set without reasonable things backing it up. Just before playing for the Portuguese team of Sporting Lisbon, the young version of Fernandes spent a lot of time in Italy. Novara, Udinese, and Sampdoria are the teams where Fernandes hone his skills earlier on before returning to Portugal back in the year of 2017. Starting out his comeback to his homeland he has been developing his skills ultimately to become a productive and capable of scoring attacking midfielder. That is among the reasons Fernandes was signed by Manchester United to sharpen its middle sector. So, can he really do that?

A midfielder should be having a great deal of passing and vision skills within the field. Fernandes so far has the statistics of 6 assists delivered within 1,563 minutes of play. That really shows that Fernandes can really be creative when trying to create chances from his area of play. Further statistics show that he has his best time to deliver passes within the final third of the game. Surely with that in mind, Bruno Fernandes signing can be significantly useful.

Obviously aside from just good at being a midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has his skills within the attacking sides to score goals as well. The ability of Fernandes to create chances within the final third of the game is definitely unquestionable. It is important to actually find out his efficiency in front of the goal to know whether or not he can be highly productive. Statistics have it that he scored about 0.38 goal within 90 minutes. In achieving that he managed to deliver 2.94 shots within 90 minutes. That could be enough for Manchester United as long as Fernandes can be consistent.

Talking about the performance of a newly signed player will not be enough without talking about the ability to actually occupy certain spaces within the field of play. Looking at his previous games Fernandes can be considered as a smart player to find possible pockets of space in between his position and the lines of the defenders of the opposing teams. This matter can really be crucial in finding chances even from the most unthinkable spaces and spots during a tight game. His movement is an excellent one as well. He can place himself to get possession from deeper spots while also being available within wider areas accordingly. In short, he moves a lot in a wide scope.

In the end it is clear that Bruno Fernandes is a gifted player that could potentially shine his light within Manchester United rise at the end of this season. It has been a considerably great deal for Manchester United to be able to sign him due to high interests of other European teams. As long as he is given his actual role just as the role he played in Sporting Lisbon, surely Bruno Fernandes signing will be a highly successful one for Manchester United. https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/